African News: A New Dawn For Uganda Following $3.5 Billion Oil Deal with Tanzania

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Two East African countries, Uganda and Tanzania, have signed a binding deal. Reports say this will pave a way for the construction of 1,448 kilometres of an oil pipeline from Uganda’s oil field to the port of Tanga in Tanzania.

What Necessitated the Deal

The agreement came into force after the injecetion of an amount worth $3.5billion on the exploration and drilling of oil. Uganda, as one of the fastest-growing economies of East Africa, discovered the oil reserves in 2006. However, the production was on hold. This happened as a result of poor infrastructure. Reports say it is as a result of the drilling methods and transportation cost.

Nevertheless, oil discovery is currently one of the massive projects following the ceremony, which the Heads of State attended. Reports say the construction dates will be announced once the residents on the specified area have relocated as the government continues to issue a notice.

Many Families to Lose Their Land

The joint survey by the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and OXFAM Company report the mother nature will be at risk. This will be as a result of drilling activities. At least 12,000 families will lose their land and count losses on their economic activities.

The exploration and drilling have been officially given to French Oil Company, Total, and Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). This is contained in an agreement between Uganda and Tanzania.

According to the Tanzanian Government Spokesman, the jobless section of the population would be relieved once the pipeline deal crossed the border on its way to the Port of Tanga. Also, about 80% of jobs will be created for not less than 18,000 people.

Ugandan Eviction Notice

Residents living on the overlapping hilly areas of Hoima extending on the awe-inspiring landscape have received a vacating notice. This includes those having their area of residence near the shores of Lake Albert bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. Surveyors measured the occupied land by locals to be 15 miles from the Lake Hene.

Ugandan Minister for Energy claimed the discovery would bring change to the inhabitants. Plans are on gound for the construction of Airstrip, refinery industry, shopping malls, and apartments for rentals.

Farmers to Face Difficulties

Small scale farmers are reportedly suffering lot. The government had ordered more than 8000 people to commence on relocating far away from their homes. This will to make it easier for construction purposes. Residents aired their worry as the Government plans to relocate some. Others are compensated in addition to a section of the victims, who may not be on the list for the loss of their properties.

The Residents Pour Out Their Anger

Further, the locals had expressed their anger after realizing that the Petroleum Exploration and Production of Uganda measured their lands in their absensce. This happened after the governmental organisation indicated they had engaged in a dialogue with the sections of the people would vacate their homes.

Gilbert Rubanga, who traced his ancestry from the affected land, cried out. He said his land was very productive. Also, he lamented that the government of Uganda forcefully took the land from him.

 “If the Government wants your land, whether you like it or not, it is the Government’s,” he added.

Over Half of 200, 000 BPD of Oil to be Available

In another scenario, more than half 200,000 BPD of oil will be available when the exploration shall be into force. This will boost the Ugandan economy as well as the oil trade in the country. Also, it will improve oil production imported from oil-producing countries. Uganda becomes the second country after Kenya in East Africa to discover oil in her land.

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