Nigeria: “Detaining Activists, Protesters Is an Act of Tyranny.” – Rights Group Blasts Buhari, Oyetola

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‘Take It Back (TIB)’, a Nigerian-based human rights group, has called on the attention of the Nigerian government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari to release the activists and protesters allegedly arrested during a peaceful demonstration.
In a statement which the Osun State leader of the group, Prince A. Adeyeye, signed on Saturday, TIB condemned the detention. It group noted that the victims have the fundamental right to a peaceful protest.

Human Rights Group: President Buhari and Osun State Governor Have Always Suppressed Minority Voices

Furthermore, TIB said its management and Nigerians were disappointed at how the Osun State Governor, Gboyega Oyetola, and President Muhammadu Buhari had continued to abused power. According to him, the two leaders have always suppressed minority voices.
Also, the human rights group said the continuous abuse of power by authorities is unconstitutional and undemocratic.
“This is totally uncivilized and undemocratic. It is not good for our democracy,” the rights group said.
Moreover, TIB clearly stated that the present administration had never listened to the plight of Nigerians. According to the group, the administration had always derived pleasure in inflicting more hardship and pain on her citizenry.
The rights group maintained that the government, instead of cushioning the pains and plight of her citizenry, it had continued to increase the hardship. It lamented that Nigerians have continued to suffer from unemployment and underemployment, irrational increase in taxes and tariffs, among others.
However, the group noted that the masses could correct these socioeconomic ills. According to it, peaceful demonstration and protests remain the only way the masses can express themselves to the authorities.
TIB argued that the present government cherish to oppress Nigerians and expect them not to complain.
“How can you beat a child and expect him not to cry,” the rights group remarked.
Nevertheless, the group reportedly condemned the current administration, saying it was no better than tyranny.
“The present government is no better than a tyrant and wicked leadership, who oppress and expect the oppressed to sing their praises,” it said.

The Group Blasts the Governor of Osun State

Also, the human rights group reportedly criticised the Osun State Governor. According to it, the governor used the military and other security agents on the harmless protesters.
In addition, the TIB called on the United Nations and other international communities to intervene and stop the Nigerian government to prevent further abuse of power.
“Innocent Nigerians are suffering. They are at the receiving end,” the group lamented.
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