Alonzo Brooks’ Murder: How Homicide Investigators Called It Quits

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Alonzo Brooks died in 2004 under unclear circumstances. However, a team of investigators reportedly ruled out the investigations to ascertain the cause of his death. This happened 16 years later, after the exhumation of Brooks’ body.

According to reports, federal forensic examinations on Netflix termed Brooks’ death a homicide. The story about his mysterious death appeared on different media platforms, calling for the need to let justice take its course.

Further, in 2004, there was a report of Brooks’ mysterious death from Kansas State, where he attended a party with a few of his friends. A month later, the deceased body was discovered in a creek, which is in La Cygne.

However, his family agreed to his send-off at Topeka Cemetery and that was the end. According to reports, Brook’s case went cold and no one talked about it.

Later, in 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigations reopened the cold crime. But, this happened after the featuring of the story of his death in July that year. The case was entitled episode ‘no ride home.’

Duston Slinkard confirms Brooks’ murder

Also, the FBI offered money worth $100,000 to anyone who had information about the killers.

The Acting US Attorney, Duston Slinkard, reportedly confirmed this after he maintained that they knew Alonzo Brooks died under suspicious circumstances. Nevertheless, while announcing the development, Slinkard called for thorough investigations on Brooks’ alleged murder.

Moreover, Slinkard mentioned that the examinations, which the team of the world best forensic pathologist and other US experts carried out, showed that they killed him.

Too, he maintained the US was doing everything it could to let justice take its course.

Brooks’ autopsy results

On the other hand, the Armed Forces Medical Examiners also reached out and examined Brooks’ body. They reportedly took the deceased body to Dover Air Force Base. The Autopsy results showed he sustained injuries. But, there was an inconsistent report due to normal patterns of decomposition.

Consequently, the investigators did not reveal further results since the matter was still awaiting trials in court. Also, investigations to ascertain his killers were still ongoing.

In June last year, the US Attorney for Kansas State gave out a press release, citing court mentions. Also, he noted that the FBI’s investigation revealed that Brooks’ death happened as a result of a racial-based criminal offence.

Reports revealed that Brooks happened to be one of the three African-Americans who attended the party. However, the rest were whites, who thronged the Farmhouse Party that dark night.

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