New Covid-19 Law: UEFA bans shirt-swapping in Champions League

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New Covid-19 Law: UEFA bans

shirt-swapping in Champions League


Uefa warns players of ‘serious consequences’ if they breach safety protocols. 
The Champions League and Europa League are returning to action.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have released new guidelines for clubs and players to follow such as banning shirt swapping. The 2019-20 Champions League, which was disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restarts this week with the incomplete rounds of 16-leg ties till the champion.

The new, strict guidelines clearly warn top players from swapping shirts after Champions League ties and may withstand a 12-days lockdown in a Lisbon hotel. This new rule’s objective is to try and win the contest consistent with the UEFA’s scientific protocols for the match.

The UEFA’s 31-page return-to-play protocols report strictly warn players that any breaches of the new medical and social distancing regulations could throw the impending international calendar into doubt.

Playing by the new rules

Players and all members participating in the tournaments will have to be examined for COVID-19 previous to their departure for Portugal. 
The Primary recreation is scheduled between Atalanta and Paris Saint-Germain at 
Benfica's Estadio da Luz. 
Every member needs to be examined a day prior to every match, with effects no later than six hours prior to the kick-off on day of contest. 
Any participant trying out sure shall be anticipated to self-isolate for 14 days and subsequently cancel out the rest of the match.
Post arrival in Lisbon, gamers and all members can not go out the crew lodge 
without prior authorisation.
If permission is granted to go out, they will have to maintain zero-contact and social distance outdoors with their crew, elevating the possibility of a few squads having to spend as much as 12 days inside of their lodge.

Moreover, UEFA has insisted that players will have to sleep in their individual rooms and now not proportion with teammates. They will also have to actively participate in sanitisation and all coaching kits will have to be washed through group of workers. To avoid interaction with the none-staff, the regulation forbids hotel laundry workers to wash players’ kits, washings will be done by the staff themselves. 

The none playing and coaching staff like the club officials, team owners, directors and chief executive officers will have their zones demarcated separately. This has been planned so that they do not have to meet the players, coaches and the match officials. 

UEFA has additionally warned players to chorus from the post-match custom of swapping shirts with the rival teams in some other protection measure aimed toward fighting a virus.

All these medical protocols are to be applied for the UEFA Champions League mini tournament that is all set to start from August 12-23. This will also be applicable to the European League’s mini tournament slot in Germany between August 10-21.


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