European Super League: Football Wrangle as All Six Premier League Teams Quit from Competition

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Following the newly-formed European Super League (ESL), where big clubs earlier signed to participate in weekly games, all six English Premier League teams have withdrawn from the competition. This happened after FIFA and UEFA reportedly put in place tough measures.

The penalties include a ban on international games, like World Cup and inter-league competition for the respective countries.

The six Premier League teams which have a link with the new league are Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham.

How the clubs withdrew from the league

However, Chelsea fans protested against the pledge and involvement of the club in the Super League outside Stamford bridge, citing it illegal.

Also, Manchester City pulled out after a series of protests. On the one hand, Chelsea prepared documentation to withdraw from the competition similar to other clubs.

Additionally, with threats of being banned from UEFA, other teams 12-team  Super League from Europe are to follow suit. This prompted the reconsideration of the European Super League. According to reports, it will be the most appropriate steps to reshape the project.

The 12-team Super League, set up by the seven teams and Spain’s Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid and Italy’s AC Milan and Juventus was announced on Sunday to widespread condemnation.

The Juventus chairman, Andrea Agnelli, in an interview, said the other six clubs may press ahead. But, he hopes the ESL has 100% success.

ESL founders speak

Furthermore, while confirming the decision of the English clubs, the ESL pressers said, “Despite the announced departure of the English clubs, forced to take such decisions due to the pressure put on them, it is convincing that our proposal is in agreement with European law and regulations.

Also, the founders added that there was a conviction that the current status quo of European football ought to change.

According to Liverpool FC, they had quit their urge to join the Super League. Manchester City, on the other hand, maintained that they had formally presented their procedures to withdrew from ESL.

While giving their report, Manchester United said they had weighed the situation and reactions from their fans, the club’s key stakeholders and the UK’s government. Consequently, they had to do away with the league.

Boris Johnson welcomes the development

Nevertheless, the UK prime minister Boris Johnson said he welcomed the announcement. According to him, that is the right result for football fans, clubs, and communities across the country. He maintained that they must continue to protect their national game, football authorities, and government ministers in the UK and across Europe by UEFA and league associations.

Elsewhere, Arsenal apologised on behalf of their fans through a letter. They lamented about the mistake they made after listening to their fans and the wider football community.

Additionally, the vice-chairman of Manchester United,  Ed Woodward, who led the team in joining the Super League, disassociated himself from the new league.

Also, Tottenham Hotspurs, through their Chairman, Daniel Levy, lamented that the Spurs regretted the anxiety and upset they had caused their fans.

UEFA calls for unity

However, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin welcomed the move. Part of his statement reads: “But, they are back in the fold now. I know they have a lot to offer. Not just to our competitions, but to the whole of the European games. The important thing now is that we move on. Also, we ought to rebuild the unity that the game enjoyed before this and move forward together.”

Further, Ceferin said it’s pertinent to admit that the club made a big mistake by joining the Super League.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, no fewer than 1,000 fans matched outside Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. This happened before their match against Brighton, which ended a goal-less draw. They reportedly protested against the super league. The protesters were carrying placards with inscriptions that criticised the formation of the European SuperLeague.

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