Tanzania: Official Slapped with US Visa Ban for Conducting Flawed Elections

In its communication to the Tanzanian government, the US has asked its authorities to hold those who participated in the flawed elections accountable. The country’s government has also been asked to bring to books those who orchestrated violence and intimidation during the election periods.

Dubai: Pavilion Opens Up for Visitors #Expo 2020

Suriya Shaji Pereira | 19th Jan 2021. Now, the ‘Terra – The Sustainability Pavilions’ is open for residents and tourists to visit from Friday onward for a fee of 25 AED (6$). This is the first gimps of the upcoming Expo 2020. In particular, the first to be hosted in the Middle East, Africa and … Read more

Philippine Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon Expose Galvez Vaccine Plan Confidentiality

Manila, Philippines — China Sinovac vaccine price is selling in the Philippines. And no longer is confidential. On Monday, the Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon did cite the public’s right to information. “You have the obligation to inform the people. These are a public fund,” said Franklin Drilon. In particular, he is addressing the vaccine … Read more

U.S. Demands Audit of Ugandan Election

On Sunday, the United States government did demand an audit of presidential and parliamentary elections. In particular, the one held on Thursday. In addition, the pre-election violence and election irregularities did mar the elections. Also, on Saturday, the Election Commission (EC) did declare Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a winner with 58.6 per cent cast votes. He … Read more

Nepali Climbers: Make World History After Scaling K2 Peak for First Time in Winters

Nepali climbers did record history now. After, a team of ten climbers did reach the K2 mountain. Mainly, in this bone-chilling winter. Also, the climbers who did overcome the barrier of fear. In particular, mountaineer Nirmal Purja did lead the climbing team. When he did arrive at the top of the mountain in Pakistan-China border … Read more

#NBA: Toronto Raptors Roll to Rout of Dellas Mavericks

Kyle Lowry’s fierce play saw him score 23 points, grabbing nine rebounds and handing out seven assists during Monday night Games. On the other hand, the Toronto Raptors beat Dallas Mavericks 116-93 in their temporary home in Tampa. However, it was the first time this season that the Raptors have a record of three wins … Read more

Tigray Crisis: Panic as Over 58,000 Refugees Exit Ethiopia

Consequently, many refugees had fled to Ethiopia’s neighbouring country, Sudan. Some of them have settled in Tenedba Camp in the Mafaza area of the eastern side of Sudan. As at the time of this report, there was a total number of 58,612 refugees at Tenedba IDP camp.

Central African Republic: 2 United Nations Peacekeepers Feared Killed

Two peacekeepers from the United Nations mission reportedly died in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Monday. This happened after a rebel group in the country attacked the peacekeepers. Bangassou Member of Parliament (MP), Serge Singha Bengba, reportedly confirmed the incident while speaking with newsmen. According to him, the attack occurred when the UN peacekeepers … Read more

Sudan: Tension Remains High in Darfur as Death Toll Rises to 155 after the Outbreak of Ethnic Violence

The step, which the transitional government took in sending the troops to Darfur, is only raising fears of more bloodshed in the area. The troops were reportedly deployed to the remote parts of Darfur after the joint of the United Nations and the African Union were withdrawn.

U.S. Treasury: Sanctions Cuban Interior Ministry and Minister for Grave Human Rights Abuse

Now, Donald Trump’s government did sanction, Lazaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, on Friday for alleged serious human rights abuses. In particular, Casas is the Cuban Ministry of Interior and the Minister of Interior. Notably, this did take place just five days before Trump leaves office. Possibly, Joe Biden, the President-elect may seek better relations with Cuba. Mainly, … Read more