Kabul Spies: Behind Mysterious Killings Of Senior Taliban Leaders

The fatal shooting of two Afghanistan Senior Taliban members did go unnoticed. After, unidentified persons killed the duo in the heart of Country’s capital, Kabul. In particular, both the members’ activities did qualify ‘illegal’. Also, some fake identification cards are found. Senior Taliban Leaders Killed According to government sources, the activities and the persons responsible … Read more

Karen National Union: Rebel Group Accuses Myanmar’s Government of Excessive Force as Over 12,000 People Are Displaced

Myanmar ethnic rebel and armed group, Karen National Union (KNU), decried the use of force by the country’s military. This happened as a result of the recent airstrikes that have displaced armed militias and over 12,000 civilians. The attacks reportedly occurred in the city of Yangon. The KNU termed it the use of excessive force, … Read more

Nike: Sues Over ‘Satan Shoes’ With Human ‘Blood’

One of the world’s leading brands, Nike is all set to sue Brooklyn Art Collection. In particular, the one also called MSCHF. This is over a controversial pair of shoes called Satan shoes. The name ‘Satan’ is adopted from the fact that the shoe contains a drop of human blood. Especially, under the soles that … Read more

California: Shooting That Killed 4, Including Child in Orange County

According to reports, four people did succumb to death. Following the California State business complex shooting. Including, a child since 1997 when a similar shooting did take place. During an open firefight between the police and the criminals, the cops did nab one of the suspects. While others did escape after carrying out the criminal … Read more

Why Iran Militia Used US Bombs In Syria

The United States of America did launch military airstrikes facilities in the region of Eastern Syria. According to recent findings, illegal terror groups from Iran did occupy the Pentagon. This is in response to the Iraqi attacks against U.S. officials. On Thursday, the facilities did launch officially near the border of Iraq and Iran. It … Read more

Barcelona: Ansu Fati Says Football Is His Life, Maintains He’ll Always Have the Desire to Keep Fighting for His Dreams

According to reports, Ansu has faced complications with his knee. This has caused his initial diagnosis of a four-month absence to be extended. Consequently, it currently seems as though he will miss the remainder of the 2020/21 season.

The Global Problem of Sleep Deprivation

According to a recent Dutch study of a nationally representative sample of individuals, 32 per cent did complain of experiencing a disturbance in general sleep. While a good 43.2 per cent of the total sample said they did suffer from inadequate sleep. The study included individuals in the age group of 18-70 years. Another study … Read more

China: Faces Sanction Over Uighurs Abusers

Western countries are imposing sanctions on Chinese officials. Mainly, the ones reported taking place on the minority group of Uighurs. The Chinese government did detain the Muslims of the Uighur group in the north-west of Xinjiang. Many are criticising the government over torture, sexual abuse and forced labour allegations that did emerge during the detentions. … Read more

Tanzania: President Magufuli Dies at 61, COVID-19 Rumours Linked with Demise

The world mourns Tanzania’s fifth President, John Pombe Magufuli’s sudden death. In particular, he did succumb to a heart attack on Wednesday evening. The news break did catch citizens unaware after the Head of State did go missing  for a couple of weeks. While briefing the country on national Television, Tanzania’s Vice President Samia Suluhi … Read more