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Indo-China-Pak Relations Call for a Desperate Reinvigoration

Hitherto, the love-hate relationship, which India had shared with China for a long time, has now shifted strongly towards the side of hate on account of the recent skirmishes and violent clashes along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that claimed the life of 20 Indian Jawans. China, even in the past, has been known to expand its influence, not only in New Delhi’s backyard but also along with other parts of the world.

Kerala Photographer Punalur Rajan passes away

Kerala Photographer Punalur Rajan passes away Ace photographer Punalur Rajan breathed his last on Friday, August 14 in Kerala, India. He was 81. Born and raised in

PM Modi Unveils Tax Reforms in India

ADITYA VAIBHAV | NEW DELHI: In what may be termed as a landmark taxation reform in India, Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi on Thursday launched

The Air India Express IX 1134 Carrying Stranded Expatriates Crashes While Landing, Kills 19 Passengers, Leaves 156 Others with Injuries

The shocking news of the crash broke out as the death of Wing Commander, Captain Deepak Vasant Sathe, who happened to be the chief pilot, was reported. The 59-year-old Captain DV Sathe from the state of Maharashtra was an India Air Force retiree. He retired as a Senior Commander with over 30 years of flying experience. From Indian Air Force, he retired in 2003 as an ace test pilot after a long run that started in 1981. He graduated the 58th course of the National Defence Academy and received the ‘Sword of Honour’ award from the Air Force Academy.