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Kenya Protests the US Move to Pull Troops out of Somalia

Kenya’s Principal Secretary, Kamau Macharia, remarked that the country had suffered a sharp investment in the past. He noted that such had resulted in economic setbacks after the Al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist attacks.



Vincent Ogunde | KENYA: Plastics are useful in daily life. This includes locally manufactured as well as imported items for from household, hospitals and industrial

Kanyans Stranded in Lebanon, Ask for Government Intervention

Confirming the plight of the Kenyans in the city, the Kenya Diaspora Alliance, revealed that children who are as young as three years old, as well as many pregnant women, have been forced to live on the streets of Beirut in poverty.

Wildlife in Africa: Tragedy as Over 300 Wildebeests Die in Mara River Stampede

From the lookout area of the Mara Reserve, a good number of the wildebeests could be seen alive, fighting for their lives, struggling to get out of the waters, but all in vain. According to Nkoitoi, about 10,000 wildebeests were feared to have died since their migration started in May as a result of accidents, stampedes, predatory attacks. On the other hand, it is believed that a good number of others just died naturally.

Kenyan Government Blamed for Neglecting Her Citizens Abroad

In its statement, the IRSK, which is a group of experts in foreign policy and security matters, stressed that every Kenyan abroad has the right to protection, with diplomatic missions expected to play a vital role during the time of difficulties. Kenyans Foreign Affairs Ministry was greatly blamed, with the group indicating that…

China’s Ejiao Depleting Donkey Population

Increased demand and subsequent production of Chinese traditional medicine ejiao, produced from donkey-hide is turning to be a disaster for the existence of the animal