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#Spiked Alcohol: Grief as 20 People Are Feared Dead in Costa Rica

Further, the Ministry of Health noted that the country has witnessed a total of 52 suspected cases of poisoning in various regions. Also, all the cases are resulting from various causes, ranging from cane alcohol. Reports revealed that the spiked drink is known as Guaro in the country

Kenya Protests the US Move to Pull Troops out of Somalia

Kenya’s Principal Secretary, Kamau Macharia, remarked that the country had suffered a sharp investment in the past. He noted that such had resulted in economic setbacks after the Al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist attacks.

Egypt: Executions on the rise

Key Highlights: Egyptian authorities have arrested former members of the Muslim Brotherhood, considering them terrorists. And they have faced trials and executed since 2013. Several

African News: A New Dawn For Uganda Following $3.5 Billion Oil Deal with Tanzania

The agreement came into force after the injecetion of an amount worth $3.5billion on the exploration and drilling of oil. Uganda, as one of the fastest-growing economy of East Africa, discovered the oil reserves in 2006. However, the production was on hold. This happened as a result of poor infrastructure. Reports say it is as a result of the drilling methods and transportation cost.