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Tanzania: Official Slapped with US Visa Ban for Conducting Flawed Elections

In its communication to the Tanzanian government, the US has asked its authorities to hold those who participated in the flawed elections accountable. The country’s government has also been asked to bring to books those who orchestrated violence and intimidation during the election periods.

U.S. Demands Audit of Ugandan Election

On Sunday, the United States government did demand an audit of presidential and parliamentary elections. In particular, the one held on Thursday. In addition, the

Tigray Crisis: Panic as Over 58,000 Refugees Exit Ethiopia

Consequently, many refugees had fled to Ethiopia’s neighbouring country, Sudan. Some of them have settled in Tenedba Camp in the Mafaza area of the eastern side of Sudan. As at the time of this report, there was a total number of 58,612 refugees at Tenedba IDP camp.